Consistently the South African Department of Correctional Services (DCS) offers individuals from various networks the Correctional Services learnership opportunity. These learnerships structure part of the public authority’s National Skills Development Strategy to make abilities and straightforwardness neediness and joblessness.

DCS Learnerships are available to those with the essential capabilities needed to read up for the Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate in the Corrections Services Learnership (NQF Level 4).

The learnership comprises of both hypothetical and viable preparation in how to add to the restoration of detainees.

As a learner, you will be shown how to do this through amendment and human improvement uncaring, secure and safe confinement or under local area based remedial oversight.

This Correction Services Learnership will offer you the chance to become familiar with the abilities and gain the information, satisfactory working environment conduct, and demeanor that is needed in the remedial administrations. Students will acquire an allowance of R3 500 every month for the length of the learnership.

Restorative Services Learnership Requirements
Certain prerequisites for are being acknowledged into this learnership:

Least Requirements
You should be a South African resident
You should be in control of a Standard 10/Grade 12 Certificate; or
Be in control of a Further Education and Training Certificate NQF (Level 4); or
Have effectively finished the National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4)
Most recent Government Learnerships

Different Requirements
You should be between the ages of 21 and 35 years
Candidates should not have a crook record (in the event that you have a lawbreaker argument forthcoming against you, you should give every one of the subtleties while applying.)
You really want to have a solid person
Inclination will be given to candidates who have extra capabilities, for example, a Trade or Occupational-based Certificate, Diploma, or Degree connected with Security/Corrections.

Any such extra capabilities won’t be considered in the installment of the payment paid to students during the learnership or for additional compensation/wage purposes.

The FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership in DCS
This is results based learning, and the learnership depends on a legitimately authoritative agreement between the student, the business, and the specialist co-op.

The Learnership Program is for a time of one year (a year) and comprises of:
Around 30% of the preparation will comprise of hypothesis. This educational preparation will happen at a licensed DCS school that will be indicated by the Department.

Hypothetical preparation will remember escalated guidance for guns, self-preservation and actual preparation.
This preparing is obligatory and implies that you will remain at the Training College on a full-time premise.
Fruitful candidates get free convenience, suppers, a uniform (field wear and a tracksuit), and all preparing materials during the preparation time frame.
Work environment Training
The leftover 70% of the preparation will be viable work environment (at work) preparing which will happen at the Correctional and Social Reintegration Centers/Units.

This piece of the preparation will incorporate obligations associated with the recovery and arrangement of safety to guilty parties.
Students keep on getting a month to month payment during this piece of the preparation yet are answerable for their own convenience, dinners, and transport
The Department of Correctional Services doesn’t pay a lodging stipend, lodging endowment, benefits store, clinical guide, peril remittance or extra time during a learnership.
When the student has effectively finished both the hypothetical (informative) and pragmatic (work environment) stages, presented a last Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and has effectively gone through outside confirmation by SASSETA, a FET Certificate in Corrections Services NQF 4 will be given.

The learnership contract is a lawfully authoritative agreement and any inconsistency or infringement of the details of the understanding will be managed by the Department of Correctional Services as per Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

Remedial Services Learnership Application Process
How to Apply for the DCS Learnerships?
To apply for the FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership, you should finish an application structure in your own penmanship.

How to get the Correctional Services Forms?
You can get the Application for Admission to a Learnership in DCS structure from any Correctional Services Office, or you can download it from the Department of Correctional Services site.
The e-DCS site is under the Forms Tab
When you access the site, check out the top or base for the connection that says “Structures” and snap on it. Then, at that point, click on the Internship/Learnership Application Forms connect.
Click on the Learnership Application Form interface and the structure will naturally download to your PC
While applying for the learnership ensure that you indicate the learnership post that you are applying (for example DCS Corrections Service Learnership: Gauteng Region: Leeuwkop (Ref GP02)
Ensure that you sign the application structure yourself
Append ensured duplicates of your declarations and Identity Document (these duplicates more likely than not been confirmed inside the most recent 3 months – you can finish this at any Police Station)
If it’s not too much trouble, Note:

Application frames that are late or unsigned won’t be acknowledged
Copied structures won’t be acknowledged
Faxed or messaged structures won’t be acknowledged
Recall that during your work environment preparing you will be liable for your own convenience, transport, and feast costs. It is in this manner proposed to apply for a learnership in the Region or Management Area nearest to where you reside.

Finished Correctional Services Learnership application structures with all important connected archives can be sent (posted at the mailing station) or hand-conveyed to the Regional Commissioner at the Management Office closest to where you reside. You can observe the location and contact subtleties of your closest Management Office.

Applications for this learnership will open later in the year, typically around November or December. You can continue to check whether the learnership is open for applications yet by checking the Vacancies page on the DCS site.

Peruse the connections on this page and search for a connection that says Learnership Program advert with shutting date and snap on the connection to check whether it is the right learnership (this advert normally likewise gives every one of the addresses you can convey or mail your application to.)

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