Is it safe to say that you are an excited and inspired understudy, prepared to handle the functioning scene? Is it true or not that you are looking for work insight? In the event that you assume you have the stuff, apply and see and do things another way with us.

We start with a useful prologue to our work space, by which Management Trainees gain insight through significant work in one of our RCL Manufacturing plants that empower them to get a sense of ownership with genuine business projects.

Combined with building openness, we put resources into our Management Trainees’ self-improvement and development through preparing, mentorship and organized formative plans. The board Trainees are supposed to have elevated degrees of drive and drive to stay zeroed in on their turn of events and commitment to the more noteworthy group.

Fruitful officeholders should migrate.

Food varieties Research Grad/Intern

BTech/BSc or BSc(Hons) in Food Science, Microbiology, or Biotechnology

Instrumentational Engineering Grad/Intern

B.Engineering Electrical/B.Tech Electrical Engineering (Electrical light flow, Control, and Instrumentation, Telecommunication)
Electrical Engineering Grad/Intern

B.Engineering/B.Sc. Designing/BTech Engineering (Electrical)
Advertising Grad/Intern

B.Com (Sales and Marketing)/BA (Sales and Marketing)/B Social Science (Sales and Marketing)
Evaluating Grad/Intern

BTech: Internal Auditing/BCom: Accounting/BCom: Internal Auditing/BCom: Finance/BCom Honors: Internal Auditing/Business Science: Finance with Accounting/BCom: Accounting Honors/MCom: Accounting Sciences/Mcom: Audit
Client care Grad/Intern

B.Com or B.Social Science or B.Business Science certificate with studies Marketing/Supply Chain/Logistics/Economics/Management
Substance Engineering Grad/Intern

B.Engineering/B.Sc. Designing/BTech Engineering (Chemical)
HR Grad/Intern

BTech Human Resources Management/BCom Human Resources Management/BCom Industrial Psychology/B.Social Science Honors in Industrial, Organizational and Labor Studies (Human Resource Management)/Bachelor of Arts Honors in Industrial Psychology/Bachelor of Business Science in Human Resources Management
Inudstrial Engineering Grad/Intern

B.Engineering/B.Sc. Designing/BTech Engineering (Industrial)
Mechanical Engineering Grad/Intern

B.Engineering/B.Sc. Designing/BTech Engineering (Mechanical)
The most effective method to APPLY
We are focused on Employment Equity while enrolling inside and remotely.

It is organization strategy to advance from inside at every possible opportunity.

Accordingly, if it’s not too much trouble, know that inner competitors will be viewed as first prior to evaluating outside candidates, gave that this supports accomplishment of our Employment Equity objectives.

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