Sassa has given a press explanation sign that 5 million SRD applications endorsed as of late. Of this multitude of uses, more than 4 million individuals have been paid as of now.

The organization has likewise explained that 5% of the award candidates holds a tertiary capability not 60% as revealed by different media stages. Here beneath is a full assertion from Sassa dated 29 July 2022.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has taken extraordinary steps in its endeavors to mitigate neediness and give a help to the most weak in the public eye through the COVID-19 SRD. This type of SRD was acquainted with especially target residents of working age who are not obliged in the social help security net.

As indicated by insights around 60% of candidates who apply for the COVID-19 SRD Grant are youth. This corresponds with the joblessness rate among youth which is around 63%; of the relative multitude of candidates (youth and non-youth), roughly 5% hold tertiary capabilities. The Agency is worried about the distorting of these insights delivered by the Agency, which demonstrates that adolescent holding tertiary capabilities represent 60% of R350 extraordinary award applications. SASSA might want to put it on record that this data is really mistaken.

The high pace of joblessness among the young is an extraordinary reason to worry and the organization stays focused on having its impact in battling the scourge of joblessness. Moreover the organization has gained ground concerning installments for this exceptional award, roughly 5 298 817 applications were endorsed, as at 19 July 2022, and 4 088 873 of those have gotten installment.

The organization might want to repeat that COVID-19 SRD applications are completely done on the web and not at SASSA workplaces. Coronavirus SRD clients who might have enquiries in regards to their awards are encouraged to contact our complementary client care line on 0800 60 10 11 or send an email to

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